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Sonoma County Property Rentals is a full service Property Management Company serving Marin County, Solano County, and Sonoma County. We are currently in an expansion mode and are taking on more residential properties to manage under our Property Management Portfolio and would love the opportunity to put together a proposal to manage your investment.

We specialize in filling vacancies and dealing with delinquent and non-paying tenants. At times when we have no vacant units, we place prospective tenants on a waiting list until something comes available. We attribute our success in this area on a number of factors. We are very pro-active in our advertising as well as our relationships with agencies that keep our name actively in the public eye.

Besides the use of our website, and we are active members of local Chambers of Commerce as well as local industry networking groups including BNI and YPN. We also work actively with Catholic Charities and Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County. Finally, in order to retain good tenants we often find ourselves moving tenants within our portfolio of managed properties rather than lose them to someone else if they need a larger or smaller unit or are moving within the county.

Between Chris Sanchez, Tricia Companey and Oscar M. Rodriguez they have over 25 years of Real Estate experience.

Oscar M. Rodriguez, the Head of our Property Management Division joined our team in March 2014. Oscar has been a Property Manager in Sonoma County for over 14 years and broke off from Simpac Financial in June 2009 to join Pacific Properties and in March 2014 he joined Sonoma County Property Rentals. Oscar is fluent in Spanish and English. His expertise comes from a mixed background of Accounting, Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Financing & Property Management.

Oscar is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, YPN and a BNI member of Wine Country Connections. During his free time he enjoys riding his motorcycle, making wine, and hanging out with close friends. One weekend a month he volunteers at St. Vincent’s Soup Kitchen in Santa Rosa serving lunch to the homeless. He is currently volunteering his time to the Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Club.

The Broker of Record for Sonoma County Property Rentals is Chris Sanchez. Chris has been in the Real Estate industry for over 15 years. Chris specializes in Real Estate financing both Private Money and Conventional financing; From Wholesale Mortgage Brokering to Buying Properties at Auction for cash.

Chris Sanchez, Broker of Record for Sonoma County Property Rentals & Sales has been working in the Real Estate Industry for over 15 years. Chris started in the Real Estate world as a mortgage broker working for Investor Trust. Chris also owns Fenix Marketing, Fenix Marketing is a Social Media and Ecommerce Marketing company that helps reach out to clients.

During his free time he enjoys wine tasting, racing and spending time with his family.

Tricia Companey our office manager and Real Estate Agent grew up in Real Estate. From a young child Tricia has been involved in the family business of flipping properties, Real Estate Sales, property management, and the head accounting manager for two worldwide companies. Tricia’s passion for Real Estate has brought her great accomplishments and is eager to continue working in an industry that is always evolving.

In her free time Tricia is a devoted Giants fan, 49er faithful and a Mother to her young toddler. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, taking short trips to our Sonoma County Beaches and enjoying the local Sonoma County Wines.

The Sonoma County Property Rentals team can offer you assurance and comfort that your Real Estate Investment is in good hands. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop and we all work a minimum of six days per week, although our phones are always on.

If you have a vacant property please contact us at 707.596.1020 for a free consultation or you can also view our client feed back below.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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I have know Oscar for 7 years and he works very hard at keeping his clients and tenants best interests in mind. I have personally rented a home from Sonoma County Property Rentals and have sent clients to them when they are looking for rentals. Fast service, reliable, and one of the best go to places when you are in need of a rental or great property management.-Danielle, Petaluma

I have known and worked with Oscar for over 5 years now. He has assisted me in quite a few tasks but his most time consuming is managing our property portfolio. Its not easy and not every property management company is proactive, knows the market well, and delivers what they say they will. One of the biggest reasons why I continue to work with Oscar is that he’s a hard worker, always in the field working, and know I can reach him but just in case I can’t, his team behind him is awesome. On top of that, just heard today that he has rented 2 more of our units that are not even completely rehabbed yet. As far as getting it done, Oscar truly does a great job. I highly recommend working with them.-Adam M, Santa Rosa

I have worked with Oscar and his team for just over a year now. I have been overwhelmed by his ability, his response to situations and his professionalism. Just recently I asked if Oscar could join me in a walk through of a property that he did not manage on very short notice as the old tenant was moving out. Oscar not only was able to make the appointment on a Sunday, he also filled the vacancy THAT SAME DAY!.. way beyond my expectations. I would endorse Oscar and his team every day of the week and twice on Sunday! Oscar and team, THANK YOU!-Andre, San Francisco

I have had the pleasure of working with Oscar for about 7 years. This is a great business to work with and the service is excellent. Any questions I have all I have to do is call and Oscar and he handles it for me quickly and professionally. Oscar has a lot of integrity and that’s what counts.-KC, Santa Rosa

As a full-time realtor in Santa Rosa, I have referred many clients to Oscar Rodriguez. Oscar has a strong expertise in the rental market providing my clients with enough information to assist them in the rental process. He has consistently operated in an honest and straightforward manner and has never steered any of my clients in the wrong direction. Oscar continually exceeds my expectations and my client’s strong favorable feedback is all the proof I need. That is the reason I will continue to use and recommend him.-Shawn H, Santa Rosa

I hired Oscar to manage my rental 8 years ago when he was with a previous property management company. My rental has never been vacant for more the 30 days, tenants have always paid on time and my owner draw has always been deposited into my bank account no later than the 5th of each month. His attention to detail and good attitude have always been a great help. Last Winter, during the rainy storms my fence fell down. Oscar handle everything for me, from contacting my insurance company, to obtaining 3 different bids, to installing a brand new fence. Oscar and his property management team takes the headache out of property management.I highly recommend Sonoma County Property Rentals to manage any and all real Estate Investments.
Will L-San Francisco

I met Oscar thru the Santa Rosa Chamber. After getting to know him through work association, I appreciate his professionalism and ability to get work done efficiently and on time. He treats his tenants with respect and works hard. It is a pleasure to work with him and I will continue to refer him to anyone who needs help with property management. On one occasion, I was impressed how he handled a somewhat tough situation efficiently and respectfully. Working with people can be difficult and Oscar has great interpersonal skills.-Sarah, Colorado

We needed to get tenants fast and do it through a property management company.Oscar met our impossible deadline with time to spare. Very fast and professional service. Our original request required thinking outside the box. Oscar was able to understand our needs and be flexible with arrangements.
I originally contacted Hills and Homes, they dropped the ball. Oscar (I call him O-Rod) picked up the ball and ran with it and slammed it into the end zone.
A pleasure to work with and a pleasure to do business with. A highly recommended professional.-Stephen, Santa Rosa

These people are absolute rock stars!! They took our property which was totally mismanaged by another company (EBM for those interested) and turned it around. Oscar Rodriguez is a hard working and lovely man who really works well with people and is active in the community. In this sad economy where there are few places to invest hard earned money, Oscar has rejuvinated my interest in real estate as long as he will manage it. I would recommend this company to everyone in the Santa Rosa area!-Kathy G, Mountain View

I am an out of state Real Estate Investor, with properties in many states, so it’s even more important to be able to trust & count on my property manager. They took care of everything in a difficult situation in the smoothest way. And continued throughout the year without fail! I will recommend them to any of my friends and family members. Oscar was my main contact and was always responsive and professional. They made what could be a very difficult and stressful situation a breeze. I highly recommend them. -SANDY, Florida

I hired Oscar to manage our 28 unit apartment complex in Rohnert Park. In a matter of months Oscar and [his] team greatly improved the property in many ways. Resident life improved, we took care of several overdue repairs, rents increased, expenses remained stable, and the property became a better place to live and a significantly more valuable asset. -ERIK, San Rafael